Katie Konquers the 46


At Pok-O-MacCready Camps, to say you are “finished” is a huge compliment.  It doesn’t mean you are through, or spent, or out of gas.  It means, you have completed your quest at climbing the Adirondack Forty-Sixers– New York’s 4000-foot mountains.

On Sunday afternoon, Katie M., of the C.I.T. Section became the first camper to attain 46er status in 2013.  She finished, in style, atop Wright Peak, with family and friends along for the climb.  To add some spice to the climb, the girls all wore costumes.  “We did a trip to the Sewards (range) in 2011”, said Katie.  “It was senior spirit day, so some of the girls had outfits.  It turned out to be a great day, so we have continued the tradition on finishes.”

13KateMfinish05There are many other traditions associated with a Pok-O-Mac 46er finish.  On top of Wright, Katie was ushered to the highest point through the camper tunnel.  And then, there’s the baby food!  “Mixed vegetable and beef.  So gross!”

When asked about her favorite part of the day, camp’s newest 46er had a somewhat different response.  “I kind of liked the van ride.  It was fun, we listened to music and we were all singing and so excited.  Also, from the van we could see the view of the mountains with the sunset.”

Now that she has completed her round, Katie has no designs on stopping.  “I will keep hiking.  I love it!”

Boy’s senior section camper Chad C. is scheduled to finish his forty-six today.  See a list of all Pok-O-MacCready 46ers.


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