Pok-O Drops a Close One

A late comeback was halted by a questionable umpiring call, as Pok-O-MacCready’s younger baseball squad dropped a heartbreaking decision Friday  at Camp Lincoln, 7-6.  The two camps split a pair of games, with Pok-O winning 6-4 in the series opener, Tuesday at home.

Pok-O came back several times in this game.  After falling behind 2-0, then 5-2, Dean, Jackson and Kevin Q had key hits in tying the game at five.  “The game went pretty well,” said Dean.  “I got a homer, but the ump was making weird calls.”

Weird doesn’t even begin to describe the call ending the game.  Pok-O was batting with two out, and the bases loaded, trailing 7-6.  A ground ball, and attempted force out by Lincoln resulted in the ball striking the umpire who, according to observers, “called our guy out anyway.”  The contest ended there.

Despite the sudden ending, the Pok-O team kept a positive perspective.  “We were doing all the right things, but the calls throughout the game on both sides were terrible,” concluded Max C. Said coach Matt Shayne, “I thought they showed true character in accepting an undeserved loss.”

Other Pok-O highlights included Wyatt‘s pitching, and an RBI double by Jamie.  “It was a great game, and I was very happy to see my team come back.”

Photos coming soon.  See roster and team photo HERE



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