Was the Wait Worth it?

Long-time campers became tribal officers at the 109th annual tribal elections

4Thursday night kicked off another event in the 2013 Indian Games:  Tribal elections.  Always very exciting, tribal elections sees the five tribes electing officers who will lead them during Indian Days.  As for the newly elected officials, White Woman Georgia Ladd exclaimed “I think that the crop of new Chiefs and Sachems  is very strong and promising.”

Ninth year camper Joseph Z, new Chief of the Mohawk, said “I’m proud my tribe was willing to elect me Chief ans I’m excited to try and win.”  Joe’s tribe has been suffering a dry spell, having not won Indian Games since 2003.  With his sister, Jenna, winning last year as Sachem of the Seneca, maybe the stars are aligned for Joe as well.

Click the Read more link for more pics and a list of all tribal officers

Tenth year camper Elizabeth S was re-elected as Cayuga Sachem, giving it a another try after finishing second last year.  When asked about how she f5elt about being re-elected, she said “I feel very excited about being Sachem a second time, and also very prepared.”  Maybe for Elizabeth, a second attempt will bring Cayuga victory.

Other tribal officers, such as Ethan S said that “it feels awesome to Onondaga Chief!”  Nick M, storyteller for the Seneca, came across very excited for Indian Days because “I love creative writing.”… Onondaga Sachem Sarah G is “very excited to help my tribe win.”

Overall from Thursday night’s election and initiations (all very tame; things like jumping in the lake), braves and princesses were very excited to continue on their quest for victory.  (Story by SM:  AC)

Click HERE to see a full list of tribal officers and HERE for officer group photos


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