The Volleyball Masses

Today we begin a series on many of Pok-O-MacCready’s instructional class activities, focusing on the ones that are most popular and unique. This year, camp’s most popular class is A-1 Volleyball. The second most popular class is B-2 volleyball.  Staff member Sebastian Moody gives his perspective:

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13volleyclass08For years Pok-O-MacCready camps has been overrrun by the popularity of volleyball.  Settled in the middle of Camp MacCready, grass volleyball courts host one of camps most beloved and treasured classes.

Volleyball class is a very social class for campers of all ages, and it’s also coed.  With over 80 kids it is, next to instructional swimming, the most heavily attended class programs for the first session of the 2013 season.

Beside the fact that volleyball is super awesome, the question that goes unanswered is:  why does volleyball attract so many campers?  When asked about what she thinks makes the class so special, Nora C responded simply:  “Josh Bornt!”

Josh Bornt, Pok-O Headmaster, current high school volleyball coach, and teacher of the class says that the best part of teaching the class is that  “the kids get to learn a little bit about volleyball but have a ton of fun doing so.”  Josh runs his volleyball class by coordinating passing warm-ups, stretches and drills, into scrimmages and fun games.



Madison F exclaimed that her favorite part was “Team bonding, making friends, and playing games.”  Bornt elaborates, saying “it’s no problem with so many kids and such a wide range of ages, because the younger kids learn a lot from older kids who have no problem helping them.  It’s the perfect feeder program.”

Unknown to those who don’t take the class, creativity, encouraged by Bornt, allows campers to make volleyball silly, goofy, imaginative and high-spirited.

Another common cause for camper’s attendance is the Bornt–created volleyball tournament: the Pok-O Closed.  At Camp Pok-O, it is safe to say that, in sports, hockey has the S.H.L.; baseball and soccer play North Country Camps; tennis has the Pok-O Open and, most of all, Volleyball has the Pok-O Closed!  The tournament is scheduled for next Thursday, July 18.


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