Pok-O Seniors lose a nail-biter

13LincBase110The Pok-O-Moonshine older boys baseball team took the trip to Camp Lincoln Tuesday, looking to seize the victory in front of the opposition fans. The players seemed ready for the intense rivalry, but the field had more aquatic plans.

Due to rain and overuse, the Lincoln baseball field was more like a small swamp than anything else. Players from both team seemed relentless to begin Tuesdays match, and the traditional camp battle wouldn’t be stopped by a little mud and water.

Joe Z. started off the game with three solid pitching innings, allowing no runs and striking out four. The closely-knit scoreless tie between the camps was ended with a fourth inning breakout by Lincoln, who scored six runs– all in the one inning.

Poko slowly fought back, with an RBI double from Travis F. and aggressive hitting from Gavin T. The boys entered 13LincBase109the 6th inning only two runs back and searching for the go-ahead runs. In the bottom of the 6th, two runners were on base, with two outs and Poko had a chance to tie the game.

However, Lincoln’s solid pitching kept them alive, and strongly placed themselves as the victors that afternoon. Although Poko played great defense in five of the sixth innings, turning two double plays, striking out many of the Lincoln batters and overall great fielding, the slip-up in the fourth turned out to be the down fall.

Pok-O lost 6-4 and looks to bounce back in Friday’s home match at the MacCready field.  The players seem to have a few ideas how to gain revenge.  “I walked three times, so we know that they walk batters,” said Julian, while Pat Q countered:  “We need to hit more, and rely less on walks.”  Joe agreed that “we need to work on batting, and also teamwork,” with Daniel H. adding “thanks to our defense, we kept the game close, but we have to have better offense.”

“We need to work on pitching and the field conditions,” Coach David Feldman added after the game. “The boys were patient with the difficult calls from the umpire and were cooperative with the muddy field.” “But next time it will be a different story if we don’t give up too many runs, and we stick to the solid defense we had for most of the game. (Story by OM: AC)

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