Shining Stars

Camp gathered Monday evening at Robinson Hall, for the summer’s first Moonshiner:  The Pok-O-MacCready term for skit night.

“One of top-three opening Moonshiners ever,” said 34-year camp veteran Ken Herz, elaborating that the first skit night of the summer is usually not as strong as the follow-ups.

A full bill of performers entertained the campers, with acts varying from music, to comedy, and acrobatics, and featuring boys and girls of all ages.

Here is a gallery of last night’s performances, and click the READ MORE link (below) to see extra pictures, camper quotes and a video.


Special recognition is always given to campers who SONY DSChave the talent – and nerve – to perform solo acts, something which both Jaida and Owen did Monday night.

“I’ve done this before, so I was not that nervous,” said Owen, of his rendition of camp favorite Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah!.  “I was hoping they (audience) would applaud at the end but I couldn’t believe they would stand and cheer!”


Here’s a short video montage displaying some of our fine camp talent:


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