I Love New York (and horses!)


The competitive horse show schedule begins for campers this coming weekend, but Pok-O-MacCready riders had a special treat Sunday:  They got to see equestrian competition at its highest level.  T13IloveNY06he world’s best show jumping riders and horses were in Lake Placid for the annual “I Love NY Horse Show.”

“It was so much fun,” was the rave review from Tess.  “The jumps were really high, and it was great to see how good the riders were.”

“We arranged not only for the campers to watch the show, but to get a tour of the stables,” said riding program director Sue Bagli.  The campers clearly enjoyed this:  “We got to go behind the scenes and meet the horses,” said Sarah-Judith.  “One was named ‘Bunny’.  It was also really fun to see the hunters and jumpers.”

Remi had a truly close encounter with a horse.  “I was trying to get a picture and the horse started eating my hair!”  Seeing the horses up close was also Emily‘s favorite part of the day:  “One was really tall– eighteen hands!”

Next weekend, the horses will be smaller and the jumps will be shorter, but the enthusiasm should be just as high as the Pok-O-MacCready campers take part in their first show of the summer (see schedule here).

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