British Victory

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Great Britain won a decisive victory in a rain-shortened Revolutionary War, held Thursday afternoon on much of Camp Pok-O-Moonshine property.  The Rev War is traditionally one of the popular Pok-O-MacCready Summer Camp kick-off activities.

The game, featured Americans, British, Pirates, a few French & Hessians, as well as Benedict Arnold fighting for both sides.  Campers guarded jails and flags, attacked cities and ports, bombed ships and tossed “flour hawk” projectiles.  “It was a confusing and I didn’t understand all the rules,” said Alli, “but I had fun!”

“I was just randomly racing around, checking on territories and playing an important role,” said Noah, an 11-year old American.  His USA team got off to an early lead in game #1, before the British came roaring back.  “Our awesome comeback in the first round was crazy,” raved Dean.

“It was so exciting that we won by so many points,” claimed William, a nine year playing in his first Rev War.

The Heaven’s Open

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Midway through game #2, it began to rain and, within 20 minutes, it was a heavy downpour.  Rather than get in the way of the fun, the weather seemed to have the reverse effect of lifting everyone’s psyche level.

13revwar15“I was a Navy Seal, and it was really fun– especially because of the rain and mud,” said Gillian, USA.  “Definitely more fun,” agreed Jackson (USA), “because of all of the mud and puddles.

When camp’s resident “Florence Nightingales” decided the conditions had become too dangerous, a cease fire was called, causing an understandable letdown from some of the soldiers.  “They didn’t stop for rain and thunder during the real Rev war,” exclaimed Dean.  Remi was a bit more analytical about it.  “It was fun because sometimes you slipped, and sometimes they slipped.  It was like a real battle.”

By the time the event was called, it was clear that the British were the dominant team.  And it was even clearer that everyone had a great time.

“I was thrilled,” said Chad, age 13, from the British. “I had so much fun this year.  I didn’t want the game to ever end!”


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