Wilderness Bound

“This morning, at 11:46 and 46 seconds, James became an aspiring 46er on the summit of Phelps!” (Applause, applause!)

13dayhike107Working towards finishing the Adirondack 46ers is just one aspect of Pok-O-MacCready’s sweeping wilderness program, and James’s climb up Phelps was one of just two hikes Tuesday to scale the high peaks of the Adirondacks.  Other trips took in smaller, though equally as scenic, mountains, as well as boating and fishing.  “We went fishing,” reported Nile, “and also canoeing.  And we relaxed on Indian Rock.”

As for the more strenuous trips, Intermediate camper Makalu also climbed Phelps, saying that “when we went up the mountain it was kind of hard.  It said one mile but it felt more like three.  But it was all fun and the rain held off until we got back to the van!”  Added Matteo, a second year camper from France, “It was a little hard, but challenging and fun, and pretty on top.”

First time camper Mike was on a trip climbing two peaks close to camp.  He liked “going up, and the viewing points from the top.”

Pok-O-MacCready wilderness trips are not simply about walking up and down.  Some creativity comes into play.  “We ran through the streams” said Wyatt, a Pioneer, who hiked up13dayhike105 Rattlesnake Mountain..  “We ate bagels.  And we pretended to be animals on top.  I was a tiger.  I love to hike!”

Based on the reviews, there will be a lot of hiking this summer.  “I wanna do more this year,” said Wyatt, with Mike adding “I’m really psyched to climb more.”  As for James, now that he’s an aspiring 46er (30 out of 46), the end is in sight.  I’ve known since 2009 that I wanted to finish.  I’m gonna hike a lot this year and should be able to do it.!”

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