Staff Teamwork

13precamp35While the lessons learned during meetings and courses throughout Pok-O-MacCready staff training are invaluable in preparing to be a summer camp counselor, most staff will tell you that the most important experience during pre-camp is getting to know one another, and working together as a team.

“In everything from vespers to work projects, we are getting to know each other better,” claims Laura Potel, a third year Pok-O-MacCready summer camp staff member and first time section head.  “When your out there working on a summer camp project and you have to work together to get through it, you realize this is what it will take to be a team of counselors, and to be there for the campers.”

To prepare for the necessary cohesion of staff, orientation has included several wilderness and outdoor programs,  team building activities, including the low ropes course, group games and, later this week, an Indian event and full staff day off.



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