Songs of Pok-O-MacCready

Camp Songs 1978

Camp Songs 2013

The Camp Song

There’s a camp called Pok-O-MacCready
and it’s a camp we all love
Where the sun is always shining in the skies above
There is swimming, fishing, hiking
And it is all like a dream
But the thing we like the best of all is James’ Ice Cream

Mister O.D.

Oh, Mister O.D.
Is there any mail for me?
Is there any mail for me?
Please check and see.
I feel so lonely for a little letter only,
Just a little loving message meant for me
Oh, Mister O.D.
Is there any mail for me?
I’m as blue, as blue can be,
don’t disappoint me!
Campers ask me timidly
Counselors shout impatiently
Is there any mail for me?

Keeseville Detective

Oh I’m the famous sleuth of Keeseville town
I’m also its mayor, police, and clown
My name is Homelock Shears
I’ll drive away your fears
I’ll solve your mysteries for two bits dow-own

For I’m the staunch defender of the law,
The best detective Essex County ever saw
I’m full of surprises
My wardrobe comprises of the queerest disguises
Haw-hee haw.

The Headmaster’s Song

Our camp is a resting place,
a home for growing boys.
With very little work,
and a great deal of noise.

The counselors take the burden of the work away from me.
They all enjoy the hikes while I, through all exertion, flee.

Now, Blue Boar is an ogre,
he lives across the lake.
He frightens little children,
believe me, he’s no fake.

You’ll like the lake, the boats, the boys,
the counselors wait and see-ee-ee.
But most of all, I’m sure you love,
The Headmaster: Me!

Moonshine Mountain

Climb, Climb up Moonshine Mountain,
Faces all aglow (eee-eee-eee).
Climb, Climb up Moonshine Mountain,
Where the breezes blow (wush-wush-wush).
Climb, Climb up Moonshine Mountain,
Reach up for the sky.
Climb, Climb up Moonshine Mountain,
You… and… I!

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