100th Reunion – August 2004

Our 100th Reunion, held August 16-21, 2004, was a smashing success. Over 450 former campers, staff, families and friends attended.

Reunion Events

Here’s an outline of some of what went on at the 100th

Tuesday, August 17th:

  • 3:00: Arrival, bunking assignment, informal tour, get settled
  • 6:00: Dinner @ Robinson Hall
  • 7:00: Lake Champlain Sunset Cruise
  • Evening: Boating & Fishing, Campfire at MacCready circle

Wednesday, August 18th:

  • Day Trips
  • Work on Pok-0 Patch
  • Camper Jacob Gittler’s 46er finish on Saddleback
  • THE PORTER 100
  • Rock Climbing @ Pok-0
  • Kayak trip to Taylor Pond
  • Canoe Trip on Long Pond
  • Quilting @ Pok-0 Queen (A.M. ONLY)
  • Dried Wreath Making @ Pok-0 Queen (2:00)
  • In-camp activities on your own.
  • 7:00: Lake Champlain Sunset Cruise
  • Campfire at Intermediate Point
  •  Ultimate Frisbee and Hockey under the lights

Thursday, August 19th:

  • Day Trips
  • Work on Pok-0 Patch:
  • Rock Climbing at Pok-0
  • Kayak trip to Taylor Pond
  • Golf Tournament: at Willsboro Golf Course – 36 participants
  • Other in-camp activities on your own.
  • Pig Roast at MacCready Tent
  • Bluegrass Concert benefitting the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation:

Friday, August 20th:

  • Former camper/counselor Anna Studebaker’s 46er finish on Wright
  • Work on Pok-0 Patch
  • Canoe/Kayak trips on Long Pond
  • Other in-camp activities
  • “24 Hours of Bare Mountain”
  • Dried Wreath Making @ Pok-0 Queen (10:00am)
  • Quilting @ Pok-0 Queen (2:00pm)
  • 4:00: Wine & Cheese Social
  • Pok-O-MacCready 2004 Slide show
  • Auction to Benefit Adirondack Scholarship Foundation
  • Pirate Party at Boating Docks

Saturday, August 21st:

  • – 9:00a & 12:00pm: Lake Champlain Cruises

Open Activities:

  • Rock Climbing Tower
  • Boating and Fishing
  • Archery
  • Homestead Demonstrations
  • Mountain Biking Trip
  • Nature Walk (9:00 start)
  • Kayak Trip
  • Pottery (10:30)
  • Rolas Competition
  • Arts & Crafts (10:30)
  • General Swim
  • – 6:00: Banquet
  • – Pok-O-MacCready Historical Slide show

Sunday, August 22nd:

  • 8:00 – 11:00: Brunch
  • 9:00: Vespers
  • 11:00 on: Departure



Listed below are those people who officially registered prior to the 100th Reunion.

Many others registered at the last moment, while some attended individual events, such as the bluegrass festival and the banquet.

By the closest estimate, some 450 people attended all, or part of the 100th reunion!

Joan Aguado
Liz Aibel
Tim Ambrose
Erik Anderson
Kristen Anderson (Lary)
Anne Andrews
Bob Andrews
Nancy Andrews
John Andrews
Sue Bagli (Andrews)
Jim (Beetle) Bailey
Annie Bailey
Monica Baisley
Tom Balderston
Betsy Balderston
Caleb Balderston
David Balderston
Mark Balderston
Alisa Beck
Jared Belinsky
Chris Bell
Diane Bell
David Bell
Bry Benjamin
Marianne Benjamin
Oliver Booer
Anika Booer (Greenwood)
Bruce Bottomley
Jim Bottomley
Sue Anne Bottomley
Michelle Boulais
Carolina Bracho
Becky Bradley
Bob Cale
Elaine Cale
Yoel Chesin
Georgia Churilla
Paul Clark(e)
Thomas Collipi
Tom Collipi
Suzanne Collipi (Swan)
Louis Comeau
Philip Comeau
Jules Comeau
Betsy Comeau
Adrien Comeau
Alyssa Comeau
Phoebe Connell
Phil Corell
Mary Corell
Meghan Daley
Mike Daley
lla Daley
Michael Daley, Jr.
Sami Daley (Galloway)
Paul DeVries
Paul DeVries
Marguerite DeVries
Dakota Dione
Donnie Dione
Don Dione
Donna Dione (Roberts)
George Disney
Cecilia Disney
Alexandra Disney
Elizabeth Disney
Sarah Disney (Lynch)
Charles Dunn
Chris Durlacher
Kate Durlacher
Jody & Kylie Edwards
Steve Elliott
Joey EIton
Dori EIton
Nora EIton
Christine Fay (Evans)
Melissa Ferraro
Jesse Ferraro
Kristin Fiegl (Bradley)
Jay Fiegl
Sean Fierman
Cliff Forbush
Rita Forbush
Donna Fouts (McClure)
Cary Fox
Amanda Fox
Margaret Fox Sarachin
Tom Fox
Priscilla Fox (Swan)
Serena Furman
David Gehrs
Katie Gehrs (Calhoun)
Richard Gertner
Chuck Gibson
Tim Gibson
Mark Gibson
Brendan Gibson
Lou Gittler
Jacob Gittler
Pamela Gittler (Cataldi)
Jim Goodwin #24
Andrew Gonzales
Alee Gonzales
Mauncio Gonzalez
Pamela Gonzalez (Andrews)
Jim Goodwin
Karin Graham
Betty Grant
Michael Green
Makalu Green
EIsa Green
Dena Greenman
Leah Greenman
Susye Greenwood
Ed Greenwood
Norma Greenwood
Todd Greenwood
Ruth Greenwood
Gabriel Greenwood
Anna Greenwood
Bryan Griffith
Phoebe Griffith
Ziggy Griffith
Julie Grossman
Donna Gwozdziowski
Linda Hajjar (Forbush)
Nathan Hamar
Nanci Hamar (Sidaras)
Emily Harrison
Debbie Harrison
Jim Haskel
Annie Haskel (Zimmerli)
Byron Haynes
Debbie Haynes
Grant Haynes
Evan Haynes
Dan Herbert
Anna Herbert
Ken Herz
Marianne Herz Perreault
Willow Herz
Judith Ryan Higel
Richard Hodson
Daniel Horn
Margaret Horn
Annie Horwich
Mike Horwich
Lauren Jacoby
David Joelson
Andrew Joelson
Peter Joelson
Jonathan Joelson ?
Mark Jordan
Laura Jordan
Davis Kassell
Danielle Katz
Daniel Kaveney
Anna Kaveney
Claire Kaveney
Marcia Kaveney (MacKinnon)
Martin Keams
Jonathan Kirsch
Oliver Kirsch
Larry & Marianna Klaiman
Jim Kobak
Amy Kobak (Daley)
Stephanie Konowitz (Bruning)
Chris Konowitz
Mike Konowitz
John Konowitz
Ron Konowitz
Ed Lemke
Liam Leone
Michael Leone
Eileen Leone (Sofield)
Peter Levine
Melissa Livsey
Mark Livsey
Brianna Livsey
Caitlin Livsey
Geoffrey Livsey
Karen Lounsburg
Andrea Lynch
Tom Lynch
Carrie Lynch
Zachary Lynch
John Lynch
Alan Madden
Bruce Madden
Mommadu Manneh
Tom Marshall
Joe McBride
Richard (Skip) McCann
Gretchen McCann
Ed McDowell
Scott Mclntyre
Sheila Mclntyre
Asher Miller
Heather Miller
Nathan Miller
Marc Metakis
Jason Metakis
Tracy Molirari
Susie Morton
Edie Moore
Ellis Moore
Aubrey Moss
Hilary Moss
Judy Murphy
Nairika Murphy
Robert Nelson
Kris Nelson
Andy Paine
Ed Palen
Lisa Peterson (Nelson)
Claire Petroskey
Stephen Popper
Anne Pulviser
John Rayburn
Jeffrey Reel
Mica Reel
Melissa Reinckens
Mike Reinckens
Chris Reinckens
Margaret Reinckens
Steven Resnick
Kate Resnick
Ben Resnick
Peter Resnick
Laure Resnick
Sandra Ritomato (Truett)
Michael Robin
Pat & Alex Robinson
Jennifer Roth
Carter Roth
Heather Rowe
Jim Rulison
Geza Ruszka
Francine Ruszka
Kathleen Ryan
Ken Ryba
Marilyn Ryba
Rebecca Ryba
Michael Ryba
Jeremy Saltzman
Paul Sanchez
Mrs. Sanchez
Sydney Sarachan
Wendy Sayward
Gail Schoch (Burgin)
Jeff Scott (˜69-’74)
Jeff Scott (˜64-’70)
Kathy Scott
Jeff A. Scott
Tim Seston
David Shapiro (˜70-’76)
David Shapiro (˜78-’81)
Alan Shapiro
Tim Singer
Barry Singer
Benn Singer
Betsy Singer
Chloe Singer
Chris Sinkhorn (Burgin)
Lara Skirboll
Jeff Smith
Anne Smith
Scott Smith
Jackie Sobicienski
Sandy Solomon
Ellen Sommers
Don Stauffer
Richard Stillman
Chris Stokes
Barbara Strowger
Brad Strowger
Ryan & Susie Strowger
Steve Stuart
Katie (Kobak) Stuart
Elisabeth Stuveras
Hank Swan
Claire Swan
Jack Swan
Ramona Swan
Sharp Swan
Meaghan Swan
David Swan
Angela Swan
Nathan Swan
Elizabeth Swan
Sarah Swan
Mike Taptick
Michael Tarala
Lisa Tarala
Leonard Taylor
Patrick Taylor
Dennis Truett
Carol Truett
Steve Truett
Chris Truett
Jim Turosak
Poet Turosak
Piper Turosak
Amy Turosak (Hardin)
Matt Vendetti
Leslie Vendetti (Teriberry)
Esther Verheyen (Green)
Wendy Vonderlin (Andrews)
Bob Vonderlin
Kelsey Vonderlin
Christopher Vonderlin
Andy von Salis
Lynn von Salis
Barbara von Salis
Miranda von Salis
Bill Wait
Jim Watson
Cindy Watson (Stahley)
Sarah Watson
Abby Watson
Daniel Watson
The Michael Welles
Tim Welles
Eric Welles
Peter Welles
Andrew Welles
Camden Welles
Nevin Whiteley
Amelia Whiteley
Dana Whitney
Robert Whitney
Marie Whitney
Joanna Weinstock (Smith)
Augusta Wilson (Singer)
Wally Young
MacKenzie Young
Zachary Youngerman
Sally Zimmerli
Kelly Zimmerman
Erik Zimmerman


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