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Yachting Excellence

The Jack’s Cup sailing regatta was held Friday morning on Long Pond.  Staged in two heats, the racing began with little to no wind, but picked up as the event moved along.  “The wind was pretty low when we began, but it picked up and took us all the way!”

So said Dan, who along with fellow Senior boys camper Liam (left), won the four boat, all boys final to capture the cup.  “No secret,” Dan said about winning.  “We just sailed how we thought we should.”.  Finishing in second were the defending champions, Sasha and Christian.

Jack’s Cup marks the end of a busy multi-sport intra-camp, and inter-camp sports season at Pok-O-MacCready.


  1. Dan and Liam
  2. Sasha & Christian
  3. Hunter & Henry
  4. Jack & Lucas

Trophies, Patches, Hugs & Tears

2017 Camp MacCready Session #2 Honor Campers

The five young ladies pictured above, were joined by seven other MacCready “M” recipients; top riding honorees Zoe and Sophie P; and with Abbi, who was the most recognized wilderness honoree.

Those were the big winners, but every MacCready camper was given a gift for their years of service”, and/or class and wilderness participation, attitude, improvement or excellence.

The ceremony, which followed a roast beef dinner, was highlighted by the naming of the MacCready “M” (given to the staff’s choice – in each section – as the most ideal camper), and the Honor Camper.

When asked, by camp director Brian DeGroat, to name the qualities of an Honor Camper, many adjectives were shouted out (“kind”, “helpful”, “trusting”, “someone who always has your back.”).  Perhaps, it was best summed up by Elly, who mentioned that her vote for Honor Camper went to “someone who may not be loud, but when they’re gone you really feel their absence.”  Below, are the 2017 winners:

LODGE Shea, Oona Kate C
INTERMEDIATE Melanie, Mallory Alexis
SENIOR Zoe, Vivian Tori
C.I.T. Abbi Jaida (CIT sheet)

 The award’s presentation was followed by a the traditional candlelight singing ceremony, filled with some singing, and some sobbing.  See a full collection of banquet pictures at our ONLINE GALLERY.

Boys Banquet: Celebration of Summer

2017 Session #2 Honor Campers

Robinson Hall was decked out Wednesday night for the 113th Camp Pok-O-Moonshine Banquet.

Cooked by the kitchen staff, and served by the C.I.T’s, the meal consisted of roast beef, broccoli, roasted potatoes and a brownie sundae.

The awards ranged from class participation, wilderness excellence, all the way up to the big prizes:  The Pok-O “P” (counselors pick for most ideal camper), to the Honor Camper (chosen by the camper’s themselves.)  Special recipients are listed below.

See a full gallery of the boy’s banquet HERE; the girl’s hold their awards banquet and candle ceremony Thursday evening.

INTERMEDIATE Casey, Emmett Caden
SENIOR Kevin M Dan A
Papouto June

High Sierra Climbing

Pok-O-MacCready recognized it’s 404th recorded Adirondack 46er Wednesday morning, when C.I.T. camper Sierra topped out on the summit of Wright Peak.

Sierra was joined by her father, staff member Matt, along with most of the members of the ADV and CIT sections.

See a more pictures from this, and all 2017 camper 46er celebrations at OUR ONLINE GALLERY, and check out a lengthy, impressive list of all camp 46ers, dating back to 1955.

Get Into the Games!

Last nights post did adequately sum up the games. So, here is a video recap that puts you into the action of the past couple days.  


Click here for an awesome full photo gallery from the days.

And Here for more 2017 summer camp videos.

When the Games End.

The games continued early this morning with The Odyssey. City-states sent competitors all over the Pok-O-MacCready land for this long distance competition. The day did not end at lunch, for scheduled directly following, was the epic Peloponnesian War.  Read more…

From The Walls of Troy.

Painted along the ancient Troy-O-Plex, are the names of past Greek Games Champions.  Tor of Troy never took his focus off the battle in front of him and stated that the teams to watch out for were “either us… or… you know, all of them, all of the teams at this point have a chance of winning.” To aid in the struggle, he speaks of some strategy, “get out as many people I can , go for the weapons I can , go forward…”. Of course, the Trojan War Game has many elements, so the need for various different strategies.  In this labyrinth of a dodgeball battle, Sam Of Athens, has embraced a different strategy, “Cheer!”.

                Unlike other big games here at Pok-O-MacCready Camps, Greek Games’ Trojan war, has counselor heroes aided their city-states. Bales of hay acting as blockades and a Trojan Horse itself laying open behind each team, a preyed upon target, a quick defeat. Willow Of Sparta takes a head on approach, “I run at the ball it the beginning because I think it intimidates the other team.” Her intensity may be why she became a historical Tribal Days Sachem earlier this summer.  However, she doesn’t think she has any particular pressure to follow up that victory with another, “pressure is for every city-state.” she says.

 A fellow Spartan, Peter, proved himself worthy on the field in the younger division and so was given word that the elder warriors of Sparta needed his excitement. “I feel great man, I feel great.”  He cheered while preparing to go out there once again. All of this despite a sudden downpour over the morning’s Olympiad.  As sure as the birds came out to chirp, so did the campers come to play; soaked as they were. It’s another day of games tomorrow, and when the sun falls beyond the horizon, a new Champion will be announced at Delphi. Check back tomorrow for more.

Peruse the Online PhotoGallery for pleasure or purchase.

Check out which city-state your camper is on here.

Week 6 Recap (Video)

Here is a recap from this past week. Not included, but worthy a mention include Eve  and Talia’s 46’r finish, numerous section activities and tons of fun class hours.  Another maritime trip went out as well as plenty of hikes.  Check back for more news as this summer wraps up!

Click here for more summer camp video.

And HERE for photos!!

A Blue Ribbon Day

It was chilly on the MacCready field, a perfect day for the campers to take out those Pok-O quarter zips, hoodies, sweatpants and blankets that are put on reserve in the drawers during the warmer days. This afternoons event, the BIG MacCready Horse Show.  

Here’s some results:

Blue Ribbon Leadline: Chloe

Blue Ribbon Beginner Walk Trot : Christian 

Walk Trot Division Champion: Victoria

Counter Class Division Champ: Mallory

Blue Ribbon X-Rails: Lucia

Reserve Champion Low Hunter: Lucia

Our riding director also wanted to give special notice to Sophie. She rode three different horses on the day.  She did a wonderful job getting knocked down, literally, and getting back up and trying again. Though she did not leave with a blue ribbon, she has the respect of all who attended.  



More photos to be added on our online photo gallery.

Last Night in the North Country

Well, not 100% true. Though it was a few campers day to say good-bye, Pok-O-MacCready Camps had more people than usually on the grounds yesterday.  It was parents day and for many of you reading, this is a recap of what you yourself experienced.  However, once many of the parents had left and the campers returned from their excursions, they found the grounds turned into a carnival.  Another carnival?? Well, the Palooza surely could not have been enough and this one had a North Country theme to it.

What is the North Country?  Sasha said, “Adirondacks”.   Appropriate, yes, this is the north, but the carnival didn’t portray too much of the area, rather it had a classic “fair feel”.  Going along with this were the corndogs, fried dough, lemonade and an a-typical fair fare item, walking taco’s.  

Then, there were games.  These games kept the kids busy for hours.  None of the tasks were simple, many frustrated faces walked away from the bottle game or the washer toss with empty hands.  Still, prizes were being achieved with the tickets won at the games. Others include bean bag toss, ladder golf, and fill the spot. 


Though many of the campers were drowsy, coming down from sugar highs and excitement, the night ended with a rowdy game of North Country Bingo.  Were there dance breaks?  Does one even have to ask?  Chicken Fried, cotton-eye joe and Taylor Swift all made their usual appearance through the speakers.  



A full gallery will be placed up on the online smugmug gallery soon. 

It’s Never Colden August

The forecast today called for thunderstorms, much like the weather which rolled through yesterday evening with a grumble. However, the winds were in our favor, especially for Talia 46’r finish.  Perhaps, it was due to the scheduling storm which postponed her hike more than once. Maybe, nature decided to take a back seat for this one. Talia had this to say about the hike, “it was a beautiful day even though we were supposed to get thundered on and rained on, but we didn’t, so that’s always good.”  

After an estimated 5 years of hiking, she finished today on Mount Colden.  However, unlike many campers who set the goal to finish, Talia took a different approach. “You don’t have to start something with an end goal in mind. When I started hiking 46’rs I wasn’t like, I’m going to do all of these. No, I took it  one or two mountains at a time until I had enough that I thought maybe  that’s something I want to do… step by step.”  Read more…

The Humans and Their Games.

From his lofted cabin, Zeus himself, granted a few words to be spoken over the humans running around the land below. “My patience has run thing with these petty mortals.  I’ll be watching their battle from the walls of Troy.”  

Last night, he gave a rousing speech in front of these mere mortal campers at Delphi.  Then, he called to his nimble-foot nymphs.  These toga donning dancers  graced Delphi and the mortal campers who sat around the fire; awaiting the Oracle.  Once summoned, the Oracle entered into Delphi and with word from the Gods, sent each newly arrived mortal to their Greek city-states.   Read more…

Few Words. Many Mountains.

Down from the top of Phelps Mountain, a newly accomplished  46’r, number 401 for Pok-O and after 5 summers of hiking, Eve said this for her trip report, “It was easier than I thought it would be and it was nice and short.”.  Nice and short indeed, with her words. Of course, the act speaks for itself. She gave a concise thank you to her trip counselors Sarah and Isabel after her tunnel and a quick word to other hikers, “Keep going.” 

There was no shortage of praise for Eve from those around her, however.  Willow, who was on the hike, said “I was really happy for her because she has been working on this for so long and to see her finish is great. She seems so relieved.” Her brother Lucas said “I’m pretty sure she just did it to get the patch so that she could put it on her blanket.” Perhaps, but for whatever reason, she did it and a whole dining room of happy campers clapped and cheered Eve into dinner.  Her smile spoke plenty.

Once the commotion settled down, it was obvious the other campers began to think about their proximity to the revered 46. There are plenty that are close and are pushing to finish in this 3 week so session so stay tuned. More finishers to come, but today August 3rd is Eve’s day.

See a listing of all camp 46ers HERE, and for a full gallery of this and other hikes, plus many more camp activities, check out our online photo gallery.

To Keep the Trail!

More trail work was done today as the MacCready CIT’s took their rakes and hoes out to the Pok-O-Moonshine trails in order to clean up the water bars.  This is an annual volunteer action taken by  campers and it continues to foster a strong relationship between camp, the surrounding mountains and those who’s task it is to oversee them.

“It’s great to see how the trails were engineered and be able to give back to a trail that we use so much.”  Sophie said at the following dinner.  Her CIT peer, Abbi furthered her point by saying “I learned how hard people have to work to maintain the trails.”  The water bars are key ditches dug along the side of the trail. These allow the flow of water to move along the trail instead of through it.  The goal is preservation and like most trail works efforts, it is constant and hard work.   Read more…

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