Team Building Programs

Our programs are divided into four main areas, making it easy for trip leaders to align activities to their goals and objectives for the group. Trips can be planned to focus on one or multiple areas.

The center offers several classes and activities that teach communication, confidence, leadership, and other important skills. Choices include student favorites such as our Low Ropes and Teams Courses.


ASEAction Socialization Exercises (ASEs)

A Pok-O favorite, these varied teambuilding games were developed by the British Army in the aftermath of the First World War to promote leadership skills and improve group dynamics. They come in many different forms and make a great ice-breaker for a group’s first afternoon at the Center. ASEs can be facilitated inside as well, making them a good inclement weather option.  


Low RopesLow Ropes Course

Our Low Ropes Course builds confidence by challenging individual students to step outside their comfort zones, either by entering the pitch-black “Bear’s Den,” or negotiating various obstacles such as the “Elvis Walk” or “Earthquake Bridge.” This activity makes for a great team building experience as participants learn to help each other through varied challenges. The layout of our course allows for up to 50 students to participate at the same time. The Low Ropes course is highly recommended as an ice breaker activity for groups arriving before 2:00 PM. For groups with a limited amount of time (less than one day) and who want to have our full team building experience, the Low Ropes Course can be paired with the Teams Course.


Teams CourseTeams Course

This course is composed of individual elements arranged in a circle around our Low Ropes Course. In tackling these “problems,” students learn to appreciate both the importance of teamwork and the talents of individuals.Trust, communication, and problem solving are all emphasized. Obstacles include traditional favorites such as All-A-Board and Spider’s Web.


Skit Night

Students will release their inner actor or actress in this theatrical activity that emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and just plain fun. Each field group receives a topic and a random assortment of humorous props. Students work together to create a skit that involves everyone in their group, and utilizes all of their equipment. The Pok-O staff will give a few performances of their own between the students’ skits. This activity is especially valuable for groups from Quebec working on their English language skills.


Egg Drop“World Famous” Egg Drop™

Students work together in their field groups to design and build a device that will protect an egg dropped from eight feet using only drinking straws, tape, and paper. They also create and perform a commercial to sell their product. The evening is kept lively with costumes, music, a dance party, and opportunities to earn additional tickets to purchase more building materials. Older groups are presented with additional challenge of budget allocation. And, it’s a great language workshop for Quebecois groups.