Living History Programs

Our programs are divided into four main areas, making it easy for trip leaders to align activities to their goals and objectives for the group. Trips can be planned to focus on one or multiple areas. All of our classes are aligned to New York State learning standards.

Travel back in time at our 1812 Homestead and let history come alive. Learn from Master MacCready in our school house, practice pioneer skills, and role play in our Under Ground Railroad and Revolutionary War demonstrations.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1812 Homestead Demonstration

The keystone of our living history program and one of our most popular classes, the 1812 Homestead Demonstration teaches essential pioneer skills on a working farm and museum. A typical trip includes a blacksmithing demonstration, an interactive woodworking class, hearth side baking at the Inn, candle making, and a lesson in our authentic one-room school house, old Essex County no. 4, with the infamous School Master MacCready.  Social Studies Standards 1.1-4; English Language Arts Standard 1.1


Underground RailroadUnderground Railroad

A role-playing activity that takes place at the 1812 Homestead. Students play the part of run-away slaves, while teachers and chaperones serve as their conductors. The Pok-O staff fills in as abolitionists, bounty hunters, court marshals, and more. The “slaves” must rotate through a series of stations where they answer questions about the history of slavery in America while avoiding capture by the bounty hunters. Students learn firsthand the dangers of being a slave trying to find freedom across the Canadian border. The evening ends with an in-depth debrief about their experience and a discussion about slavery today.  Social Studies Standards 1.1, 1.2


Animal Feeding 3Animal Feeding

Join our instructors as they do their morning chores and you’ll have the opportunity to learn about and help feed and care for our pigs, sheep, and horses. Not all animals may be present, but all will be friendly.  Science Standards 4.1-6




This interactive American history class, which takes place at the 1812 Homestead asks students to take an active role in deciding the outcome of the Revolutionary War. Students will interact with different characters who have drastically different points of view about the “current” conflict. In addition to teaching facts about the 18th century, Rev War Sim is designed to demonstrate history’s subjectivity.  Social Studies Standards 1.1, 1.2