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PMOEC Outdoor School Trips

Our programs are divided into four main areas, making it easy for trip leaders to align activities to their goals and objectives for the group. Trips can be planned to focus on one or multiple areas.



The center offers several classes and activities that teach communication, confidence, leadership, and other important skills. Choices include student favorites such as our Low Ropes and Teams Courses.

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naturalscience_pondNATURAL SCIENCE

Hibernation, food chains, and watersheds are only a few of the numerous topics covered in our science classes. Learning about nature is exciting and engaging in classes that provide plenty of hands-on opportunities and active exercises for demonstrations.

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livinghistory_daveLIVING HISTORY

Travel back in time at our 1812 Homestead and let history come alive. Learn from Master MacCready in our school house, practice pioneer skills, and role play in our Under Ground Railroad and Revolutionary War demonstrations.

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highadventure_canoeingWILDERNESS ADVENTURE

Whether skiing around campus, canoeing on Long Pond, hiking the four Pok-O-Patch mountains, or heading into the wilderness for rock climbing, participants will practice new techniques while exploring the Adirondack region.

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