Eating Well: PMOEC Fuels the Fun!

We always serve protein and fresh fruit at breakfast, as well as fruit juice. Breakfast always includes a first course of hot or cold cereal and milk.

We always offer a green salad or fresh vegetables in another form at lunch and dinner, frequently in addition to cooked vegetables, as well as beef, chicken, or pork and rice, pasta, potatoes, or bread.

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(1) Bagels with cream cheese, butter, and jelly; scrambled eggs; cantaloupe.
(2) Pancakes; bacon; red grapes.
(3) French toast; sausage; fruit salad.
(4) Toasted ham & cheese on English muffins; grapefruit slices.
(5) Banana bread, Coffeecake, Muffins, or Scones; sausage; orange slices.


(1) Macaroni & cheese with pork sausage; apples & peanut butter; garden salad.
(2) Grilled cheese sandwiches; homemade tomato soup; garden salad.
(3) Hamburgers with all the fixings; French fries; garden salad.
(4) Tacos with ground beef & rice filling; salsa; sour cream; grated cheddar; shredded lettuce.
(5) Grilled ham & cheese sandwiches; chicken noodle soup; garden salad.


(1) Roast turkey; roasted potatoes; gravy; garden salad.
(2) Baked chicken; rice pilaf; roasted carrots with rosemary; garden salad.
(3) Spaghetti with meat sauce, or Chicken parmesan with pasta; garlic bread; garden salad.
(4) Chicken or beef stir fry with vegetables; seasoned rice; egg rolls.
(5) Chicken pot pie; biscuits; garden salad.


(1) Chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal raisin cookies.
(2) Apple crisp
(3) Rice krispie treats
(4) Brownies
(5) Stewarts’ Ice Cream



At PMOEC, we are receptive to the dietary needs of all our visitors.
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