PMOEC – For Parents

This page contains important information and resources to help you and your child prepare for your child’s trip to Pok-O. If the information provided here does not answer all of your questions, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.



Parents’ Guide to Pok-O-MacCready
The guide contains basic information about all aspects of your child’s trip to our center.

Packing List – (English)
This list can help make sure that when your child arrives at the center, they have everything they need to have a fun and enjoyable stay.

Health Form
All students who come to the center must have a completed Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center health form with a parent or guardian signature in order to participate in activities.

Special Dietary Needs
If your child has any dietary restrictions, we like to know about them. Because meals at the center are served family style, it is important that you let us know about unusual or severe restrictions 2 weeks before your child’s arrival to the center.

Learn more about meals at PMOEC…